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The Future

We take pride in recruiting a better future.

A better future for the companies we partner with, the candidates we place and for generations to come

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Our Team

McSpirit Search is a process-driven team of experienced recruiters with technical backgrounds. We are diverse by design, forward thinking, and well versed in the latest industry trends and technology. We attend industry conferences and leverage a team of external consultants & technical resources to ensure we understand the unique dynamics of each search.

Talent Drives Progress

A collection of individual talent working together drives progress for any organization.

The gears are a representation of the people, each with unique skillsets that come together for a cohesive operation. For a company to be successful each individual gear both small and large need to work together to drive the business forward.


Process Driven.

McSpirt Search thoroughly enjoys the hunt for the perfect candidate. When putting the process first results follow. It’s important to establish a foundation built on transparency and expectations. We value our client’s time by being efficient. Within 10 business days of a new search, we provide a short list of fully vetted candidates and a comprehensive market overview.




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Talent Drives Progress.

Through an understanding of our clients market positioning, organizational structure, technical functions, and long-term strategy we effectively take their talent needs to market. What can you accomplish with a recruiter who can head hunt the perfect executive and technical team to attack any new market, project, or product?

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